The world-famous original TOP TEN Competition model head guard. 

This Olympia model was the official head guard of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney 2000. We have two major Top Ten Full-Injection molded, IMF models, the Competition and the Avantegarde models. Both models are available in multiple colors. The original Competition model is thicker and the Avantegarde model is ligther in weight with an updated design.

All TOP TEN IMF head guards are molded from Bayflex® material. It is the safest head guard on the market as well as being virtually indestructible. The anatomically correct fit secures the gear to the head to prevent any slipping. Sweat does not corrode the Bayflex® material and they can be easily wiped clean. The TOP TEN IMF head guards are globally approved by numerous official organizations for various types of competitions and a must for the serious combat sport-fighting athlete.

The following points list the important Comfort and Safety Enhancements; 

· Shaped padding on the forehead protects against external injury. (e.g. lacerations around eyebrows, forehead, and top of skull).
· Ergonomic fit with integrated Chin and back of Head strapping
· Extremely lightweight Bayflex material prevents sweat absorption and allows easy cleaning.
· Venting for maximum air circulation.
· Does not impair vision or hearing.
· Headguard is produced as one-piece, full-injection mold, not in parts · Made in Germany.

What is Bayflex?
Bayflex is an elastomeric-polyurethane material with a wide variety of impressive properties, including being water resistant, flexible, and impact resistant. It is used in the automotive industry in such places as the car bumper and dash for extra protection.

What companies use Bayflex in their Headguards?
Only TOP TEN. Bayflex is an expensive and specialized material to work with. Many companies avoid using premium materials to save money producing head guards with cheaper materials. TOP TEN knows the importance of protecting athletes and helping them to sustain long, injury-free careers.

Testing of the TOP TEN head guard included using a pendulum in the shape of a fist with a variety of gloves attached. The blows to the headguard were repeated over 100,000 times. More than any other headguard in the world. The legal testing requirement from Amateur International Boxing Association, AIBA, is a minimum of 10,000 blows. Further, tests show that the Top Ten Bayflex head guard can reduce a punch’s impact by 45%. This is extremely important in all combat sports to protect the fighter from potential Head and Brain injuries. Furthermore, the head guard offers no points of application for additional rotational acceleration (a frequent cause of cerebral hemorrhage).

All our IMF Bayflex headgear come with a 2-year warranty.

Our competition team advises under heavy and frequent use the Velcro straps should be replaced yearly. 

Top Ten Black Competition Head Gear
Top Ten Black Competition Head Gear Side View
Top Ten Black Competition Head Gear Rear View