Top Ten New Edition Point-Stop Martial Arts Gloves Black/Red Star

New Edition Point-Fighting Martial Arts gloves are available with Top Ten Logo Star in Black /Red or Black/White, Black/Red with TOP TEN lettering on the back of gloves and WAKO Approved Black/Red Star logo.

These gloves are our brand new style in glossy finish, added to the Top Ten open-hand gloves collection. These are definitely some gloves you might want to look into. The new construction makes the gloves unique. The gloves have three sections with flexibile joints between each. A wide industrial strength elastic on palm side, assists the standard back wrist-strap to give a tighter closure. Breathable/flexible mesh-look liner is a soft, textured non-slip and perforated materialthat is doubled for strength of thumb safety and finger covering. The liner encloses fingers and thumb compartments. 

  • Extremely light to improve point fighting performance
  • Breathable Inner mesh lining for decreased sweating and slipping.
  • World Asociation of Kick Boxing Organizations – WAKO approved
  • Flexible for open hand point fighting
  • Glossy material for improved durability.
  • Comfortable fit for the hands. 

Aproximate weight:

  • size XS – Each glove 6.1 oz
  • size S – Each glove 7.4 oz
  • size M – Each glove 7.6 oz
  • size L – Each glove 8.1 oz
  • size XL – Each glove 8.6 oz
Top Ten Point Stop Red/Black Main View
Top Ten Point Stop Red/Black Glove Close Up
Top Ten Point Stop Glove Red/Black Side View
Top Ten Point Stop Glove Red/Black Mesh View