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SMA-TV.COM World Tour Rankings

Rankings as of December 31, 2015. Next update March 31, 2016.

Men's Lightweight Sparring

#1 Ranked - Justin Ortiz (USA)

Justin Ortiz - Athlete

#2 Ranked - Jack Felton (USA)

Men's Heavyweight Sparring

#1 Ranked - Zsolt Moradi (HUN)


#2 Ranked - Raymond Daniels (USA)

Raymond Daniels - Athlete

Women's Sparring

#1 Ranked - Morgan Plowden (USA)

Morgan Plowden - Athlete

#2 Ranked - Gina Thornton (USA)

14-17 Boys Sparring

#1 Ranked - Bailey Murphy (USA)

#2 Ranked - Geng Geng Arceo (USA)

14-17 Girls Sparring

#1 Ranked - Cassandra Oliviere (USA)

#2 Ranked - Stephanie Pagan (USA)

13 & Under Boys/Girls Sparring

#1 Ranked - Frank Lopez (USA)

#2 Ranked - Yusef Leak (USA)

Men's CMX Forms

#1 Ranked - Jacob Pinto (USA)

Jacob Pinto - Athlete

#2 Ranked - Tyler Weaver (USA)

Men's Traditional Form

#1 Ranked - Shahin Jahanvash (USA)

#2 Ranked - Jeff Doss (USA)


Women's Forms

#1 Ranked - Sammy Smith (USA)

Sammy Smith - Athlete

#2 Ranked - Mackensi Emory (USA)

Mackensi Emory on Rankings

14-17 Boys Forms

#1 Ranked - Danny Etkin (USA)

#2 Ranked - Derek Meegan (USA)

Derek Meegan - Rated Athlete


14-17 Girls Forms

#1 Ranked - Melissa Baillargeon (Canada)

#2 Ranked - Gabrielle Cunha (USA)


13 & Under Boys/Girls Forms

#1 Ranked - Aidan Considine (USA)

#2 Ranked - Haley Glass (USA)

Men's Weapons

#1 Ranked - Reid Presley (USA)

Reid Presley - Top Ranked Athlete

#2 Ranked - Jacob Pinto (USA)

 Jacob Pinto - Athlete

Women's Weapons

#1 Ranked - Mackensi Emory

Mackensi Emory on Rankings

#2 Ranked - Sammy Smith

Sammy Smith - Athlete

14-17 Boys Weapons

#1 Ranked - Jackson Rudolph (USA)

Jackson Rudolph - Athlete

#2 Ranked - Danny Etkin (USA)


14-17 Girls Weapons

#1 Ranked - Melissa Baillargeon


#2 Ranked - Mary Amato

13 & Under Boys/Girls Weapons

#1 - Aidan Considine (USA)

#2 - Haley Glass (USA)

Men's Team Sparring

#1 Ranked - Team All Stars

#2 Ranked - Team Paul Mitchell

Synchronized Teams

#1 Ranked - Team AKA (Chang/Pinto)

#2 Ranked - Team Paul Mitchell (Considine/Etkin)

Team Emig - Athletes

Demo Team

#1 Ranked - Team Infinity


#2 Ranked - Team Infini-Team

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