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SportMartialArts.com has amazing live stream and On Demand sport karate videos SMA LIVE STREAM – a revolutionary way to experience sport karate.

See live streaming from major sport karate events and find out more about your favorite competitors.  SportMartialArts.com will give back part of all profits from live stream and On Demand passport purchases to help competitors reach their dreams!


For great photos from tournaments – check out www.SportKaratePictures.com

SportMartialArts.com brings you the most comprehensive coverage of open sport karate competition in the world

We love sport martial arts tournaments and the competitors and fans.

SportMartialArts.com offers many opportunities for competitor recognition in sport karate competition. Our LIVE STREAMS put competitors in the spotlight with popular live shows viewed by thousands. We create content to highlight the competitors to create a fan base and we give back to the sport with a scholarship fund. From updates on social media to print material, SportMartialArts.com really covers the sport and provides the recognition that competitors deserve.

For promoters, SportMartialArts.com provides unbelievable promotional opportunities from e-mail blasts and Facebook posts to social media management. With an audience of over 330,000 on Facebook alone, SportMartialArts.com provides promoters the impact needed to generate interest in an event. Contact us at sportmartialarts@gmail.com for inquries about promoting events.

SportMartialArts.com is the leader in sport karate tournament coverage in all mediums. Our mission is the growth of the sport and recognition for competitors.
If we could sum up our philosophy in one word, it would be FUN – our reporters and staff love sport karate and have fun not only at tournaments but hanging out with competitors and covering events.
In 2018, SportMartialArts.com is looking to grow the sport of competitive open martial arts. We are working on many innovative concepts such as our Live Stream to bring more recognition to the athletes and events that make up sport karate competition. Watch for competitor biographies, video stories and more in 2018.

SportMartialArts.com - We Love This Sport!

The leader in sport karate and sport martial arts tournament coverage and promotion.

Live Stream Revolution!

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