A Little Idea That Grew

In 2000, founder Emily Cooper realized that a great way for the parents of her martial arts students to be able to see what happened at tournaments was to broadcast it on a fancy thing called the Internet. She learned a little html coding and started posting photos and videos on a site called About 50 people found the site after the first month. After the fifth month, the views had grown to thousands and was born. The driving force behind the site has never been money, all of the crew have other “real” jobs that pay the bills. Everyone involved from the beginning is involved because he or she loves this sport and wants to see it grow.

Since 2000, there have been tremendous advancements in technology and huge changes to the site. The crew has covered nearly every major sport karate event in the world and has traveled all over the world to do it. The site is now the largest site dedicated to sport karate tournament coverage and is the original and most innovative provider of sport karate information.

The site continues to grow and our coverage crew gets better each season. And, more importantly, we continue to have fun. We hope that is reflected in everything we do!

Our Viewers, Our Supporters, Our Goals

Whether you compete in sport karate events, are a parent or instructor or are just interested in the sport, has something for you. The website is a veritable history of the sport, with photos, videos and stories that tell where the sport has been and where it is going. If you have favorite competitors, our site has probably covered them. For competitors, it is easy to find information about upcoming events, track results from our premiere events and improve yourself to get ready for the next competition.

Our goal is to be the number one sport karate coverage site for competitors, spectators, judges, promoters and parents and to make competition exciting and easy.

Meet The Team

The main crew is an interesting bunch. We meet almost
weekly to brainstorm and catch up on site content as well as to see if Jeff can eat
himself into a diabetic coma…

Emily Cooper
Emily CooperCEO
Mallory Woods
Mallory WoodsChief Information Officer (CIO)
Jeff Langlois
Jeff LangloisDirector of Media
Jamie Cravens
Jamie CravensThe Life Coach
Nick Schneider
Nick SchneiderChief Creative Officer (COO)