The 2016 Quebec Open Is Canada’s Premier Open Martial Arts Event

Quebec City, Canada (SMA) – It is the second year after the Quebec Open changed hands from the iconic Clermont Poulin to the trio of David Bossinotte, Claire Cocozza and Samuel Gagnon. In 2016, the event grew in size and produced what can only be described as the best night show of the year. This year it was held April 29-30, 2016 in Quebec City, Canada.

Top ranked competitors from the United States, Canada and Europe ramped up the competition levels. The finals cumulated in a rematch between two of the top heavyweights of the world – Roman Bruendl of Austria and Raymond Daniels of the USA. In their final grand championship fight, Daniels pushed through Bruendl’s kicks to blitz his way to a title. Jeremy Francoeur of Canada toppled teammate John Curatolo to win the men’s lightweight title.

The top ranked female fighter in the world, Morgan Plowden of Michigan, USA, attended the event for the first time. She and teammate Verona Soliman dominated the women’s team sparring division. Soliman defeated Plowden for the win in the women’s open weight division. However, on stage in front of the huge Quebec Open crowd, Plowden kicked her way to a championship in a rematch against Soliman.

In men’s team sparring, Team All Stars’ line up of Raymond Daniels, Leon Jefferson and Robbie Lavoie defeated a tough Hayabusa team. The final fight between 5’ 3” Lavoie and over 6’ tall Roman Bruendl was amazing. Lavoie used the ring wisely and landed some amazing kicks and punches to bring victory to All Stars. Bruendl did not go home empty handed as he was the men’s open weight sparring winner.

Junior fighting went to stage with 14-17 girls and boys open weight competition finals. Elizabeth Rouillard of Canada was the winner for the girls. The top ranked teen boy fighter, Bailey Murphy, proved his ranking with the win for boys. Murphy then led his team GForce to the overall junior team sparring title over Team Hayabusa.

Mason Stowell recovered enough from a broken toe to take the 13 & under forms grand championship title. Mason Bumba was the overall winner for 13 & under weapons competition. In the 14-17 division, Danny Etkin continues to dominate with double wins in both forms and weapons.

Team Paul Mitchell cleaned up in synchronized competition with Jackson Rudolph and Jake Presley spinning bos for the win.

Becca Ross returned to competition after a brief hiatus and did it in style with an overall win in women’s forms. 18-year-old Ariel Torres is taking the traditional world by storm – including in Canada – as he won the men’s traditional forms grand championships. Tyler Weaver left nothing to chance with a strong extreme performance to win the men’s forms title. Jackson Rudolph continues to have a crazy first year as an adult with a win in the men’s weapons grand championships. In women’s weapons, the legend was back as Casey Nash returned to the stage to win the women’s title.

The grand championship competition was held during the night finals in front of a crowd of thousands. The entire city of Quebec was in attendance to cheer on the competitors. A spectacular night show, top ranked competitors and a well-organized event make the 2016 Quebec Open a contender for best tournament of the year.

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