Point sparring is a great way to test out your martial arts skills in a controlled environment. In point sparring, the goal is to score points on your opponent by landing the first technique. Most people get caught up in the flashiness of kicking in martial arts. However, having well-timed hand techniques can be the key to winning a point sparring match. Point sparring has been around for centuries, but and is one of the most popular division in martial arts tournaments today. In this blog post, we’ll look at 5 different hand techniques that you can use in point sparring to help give you a competitive edge!

  1. Backfist

The backfist, back knuckle or backhand is a popular hand technique used in point sparring. A typical backfist involves pointing your elbow at your opponent and then extending your fist to make contact to the target with the back of your hand.

This technique is one of the staples for any competitor’s arsenal. Backfists have been around for centuries and can be found in most forms of martial arts training. The backhand provides the user with an extended surface area that they can use to catch their opponent off guard. In addition, it also allows them to land solid shots from various angles. The backfist is a great hand technique when used correctly in point sparring.

2. Reverse Punch

The reverse punch is another great hand technique used in point sparring. With it, you can land a clean shot to your opponent’s head or torso and score some major points! The reverse punch is used while in a sparring stance and you extend your rear fist to punch while pivoting your rear leg to get maximum reach.

A well-timed reverse punch is a competitor’s dream technique as it serves dual purposes. It can stop your opponent from advancing and score a point at the same time. It is also a technique that is easier for judges to see to make sure you will get credit for the point.

3. Jab

The jab is an excellent hand technique that can be used in point sparring. This basic punch involves the user only extending their arm out straight and letting their fist snap back after striking their opponent. The jab does not require a lot of strength to land, but instead provides you with accuracy and speed when throwing this punch. When using this move correctly, you can land a quick and powerful jab to your opponent’s head or torso.

There is controversy over whether a jab to the body should be considered a scoring technique. This is because it is questionable as to whether the jab has enough power to be considered a scoring technique to the body. However, if the event you are participating in allows jabs to the body for scoring, it is a great technique to understand so you can both use it and defend against it.

4. Ridgehand

A ridgehand is another great hand technique used in point sparring. This move involves the user extending their arm out straight and curling it back toward themselves at the last moment before reaching their opponent. The striking area on the hand is the thumb and forefinger side with your fingers straight and thumb tucked in to avoid damage to your hand.

The ridge hand can be a devastating technique in a match because it can be thrown from many different angles and can be used when you are very close to your opponent. It can be thrown with either the front or back hand but tends to be more visible and more dramatic when thrown with the back hand.

5. Blitz

Blitzing is another great hand technique used in point sparring. This move involves the user throwing a quick flurry of punches at their opponent’s head or body until they land one cleanly. With this technique, you can score some major points by catching your opponent off guard and landing multiple techniques before they have time to recover! Blitzing is a great way to add an element of surprise in your point sparring matches.

The most basic blitz is a combination of the jab and reverse punch but you can combine jab and other techniques as well. This technique should be coupled with good footwork as it requires moving towards your opponent while throwing the techniques.

There are many hand techniques that you can use when competing in a martial arts tournament . These five moves have been around for centuries and continue to be extremely effective today! Once you master all these different techniques, you can combine them and become more successful in competition. Try practicing at your martial arts school so you can put them into use at a tournament.