The 2016 Canadian Open tournament took place on a blustery winter day in beautiful Ottawa, Canada on March 19, 2016. This event was one of the qualification events to become part of the Canadian WKC army to take on the world in late October. If you haven’t had the chance to see the amazement that is the WKC world where it’s nation versus nation you need to go. Before you get to Ireland, you need to compete and win in this tournament.

The beauty of an event run by promoters John Douvris and Michael Bernardo is that the tournament runs as smooth as clockwork. We have all dealt with events before where at noon they are still running the third division. The Canadian Open is an exception to this rule. At start time all rings are running and if you’re not there, better luck next time.

Throughout the day the event featured some of the who’s who of the Canadian sports karate world: Andrew Cabilan, Zoë Brown and Cody Diesbourg just to name a few. There were also a few brave American invaders who showed up to play spoiler on our Northern neighbor’s soil. Willie Hicks and Morgan Plowden came to fight, with Morgan taking the overall crown in the women’s sparring division. Jason Grenier managed to fend off all of his fellow countrymen to take overalls in men’s sparring while Andrew Cabilan impressed in traditional competition once again.

By 5 pm, the 2016 Canadian Open was in the books and Canada had recruited part of its invasion of the WKC World Championships. Beware, from what I witnessed, the Canadian martial arts army is ready, and they are coming for gold. is the largest media outlet for open sport karate tournament news and information. Over a quarter of a million people turn to’s online news, live streams, photos and social media to keep up-to-date on the dynamic sport of open martial arts competition. – We Love This Sport! 

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