Step 1: Competition Starts With Learning

So you were browsing the web and found some great videos of amazing people doing point sparring or amazing martial arts tricking performances and now you’re hooked. You want to compete in sport karate. The next question is, how to get started in competition.

All of the people you see competing at events started by taking basic martial arts lessons to learn how to kick, punch and block properly. Many top competitors started in very traditional martial arts schools and then expanded their training to learn how to take their skills to the competition level.

So the first step in starting to compete is finding a martial arts school where you can learn martial arts skills. Remember that martial arts is not just for competition and you will learn not only techniques for self-defense and competition but skills you can apply to other aspects of your life. Skills like perseverance, patience, respect, self-control and integrity are regularly taught in martial arts school and are also essential for martial arts training but also for competition.

Step 1 in starting to compete is finding a martial arts school where you can learn martial arts. If competition is your main goal, make sure to ask questions about the school’s support of and participation in martial arts tournaments. Some schools do not compete at all while others have full competition teams and programs. Make sure you know the school’s philosophy on competition before you get started. is the largest media outlet for open sport karate tournament news and information. Over a quarter of a million people turn to’s online news, live streams, photos and social media to keep up-to-date on the dynamic sport of open martial arts competition. – We Love This Sport! 

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