You join martial arts at age four and diligently study and practice, earning your black belt with a love of martial arts growing every day.

You start competing and find great satisfaction in competition and then, you turn 18 and it is time to go to college. All your friends played soccer, basketball and football and they are trying to get sports scholarships but your dedication to martial arts seems to have resulted in a dead end. Is there a way to use your sport karate career to help you in your pursuit of higher education?

There are some scholarships and even colleges with martial arts degrees. did some research and gathered all the information here.


American Taekwondo Association H.U. Lee Scholarship. This program offers scholarships up to $3000 to martial artists to attend higher education.

Helen Gee Chin Scholarship Foundation. Scholarships for those who study Chinese martial arts.

Kyle R. Magoto Scholarship Fund. This athletic scholarship for college is only for people located in Shelby County, Ohio. Limited but it is out there!

Mike Lozano Scholarship. This athletic scholarship is limited to high school graduates from the northernmost 26 counties in the Texas panhandle.

AAU Scholarship. The AAU gives away two $1000 scholarships annually to students who have been members of the AAU for at least four years.

There are also some martial arts schools or leagues that give out scholarships. Check with your martial arts instructor or local competition league.

Degree Programs

If a scholarship is not in the picture, financial aid might be an option. And if you are looking to do studies within the field of martial arts, a few colleges now offer martial arts specific studies and degrees.

University of Bridgeport, CT – This college actually offers a Bachelor of Arts in the field of martial arts.

Redford University, Virginia – Offers a minor in Asian Martial Arts. This program also requires a study abroad in China, Japan or Korea.

Horizon University, Paris, France – This school offers an online 2-year MBA course in martial arts management. You can also do an optional residency in France to study on site. This program may work in conjunction with Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio.

Amerstate University, Racine, WI – This college offers a Masters of Science (M.S.) in Martial Arts Studies.

Although options for higher education scholarships and degrees focused on martial arts are limited, there are a few programs to research and review as young martial artists decide how to design their future. is the largest media outlet for open sport karate tournament news and information. Over a quarter of a million people turn to’s online news, live streams, photos and social media to keep up-to-date on the dynamic sport of open martial arts competition. – We Love This Sport! 

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