chooses Jake Presley as a 1-2 Watch

Jake Presley from Tennessee is a 1-2 Watch

The 2011 Amerikick Internationals 1-2 Watch selection is Jake Presley of Nashville, TN – He’s only 8-years-old.  In fact, he just turned 8 on February 27th.  Wait, let’s think about that again – he’s only EIGHT and Jake Presley is already competing as though he has been on the circuit for twice that amount of time.  Yet, this is only his first year traveling and competing as a black belt.  So far, his debut has been rather dramatic.  He competes in four divisions – traditional weapons, creative weapons, traditional form and sparring.  In his first two national events, Jake brought home seven first place titles and one second.

We noticed Jake at the 2011 Amerikick Internationals because he kept showing up in the grand championship run offs.  He kept his 2011 winning streak going at Amerikicks by taking first place titles in creative and traditional weapons and traditional form.  And, Jake won the 13 and under boys traditional weapons grand championships to make it on stage in the finals.

Jake hails from Nashville, Tennessee and has been training at Success Martial Arts for the past four years.  He’s been competing on the NASKA circuit for the past two years and moved to the black belt levels in 2011.  His last name sounds familiar because Jake’s big brother is competitor Reid Presley who also made it on stage at the 2011 Amerikick Internationals and won the 14-17 overall weapons grand championship.

Math, science and competitive baseball are Jake’s favorite things outside of sport karate highlights new and up-and-coming competitors in the 1-2 Watch section

competition.  He tries to keep up with his older brothers Reid and Cole (another competitor who is currently on the injured list) and made it onto Team AKA for the 2011 season.  His dad, Ronnie Presley, describes Jake as “always smiling and a really special little kid.”  Not only is Jake a special kid – he’s a talented kid and he is a 1-2 Watch!

Check out Jake’s creative weapons performance from the 2011 Amerikick Internationals and his mini-sampler from