2016 Mexican Open cancelled due to violence in Acapulco, Mexico

Amidst repeated reports of drug related killings in the city of Acapulco, Mexico, promoter Luis Jimenez cancelled the Mexican Open event that was scheduled for September 2-3, 2016 in Acapulco. In April, 2016, the United States State Department banned all travel for employees to the city of Acapulco after 136 killings were reported in the city between January and February, 2016.

Murders in the city have spanned out from neighborhoods to the beaches with people being killed on the beaches in some instances. In one reported homicide, a beach vendor was killed by a man who fled on a jet ski. The spread of violence to tourist areas prompted the Mexican Open promoter to issue the following statement as he canceled his event:

“Dear colleagues and competitors of the Mexican Open and martial art community in general.

I hereby announce that the international martial arts tournament the 14th Mexican Open based in Acapulco Princess Hotel, has been suspended for 2016. The insecurity prevailing in Acapulco right now is indescribable, the area is experiencing one of its worst security crisis and I can not allow any of those attending the tournament to be a victim of organized crime. The safety of all those attending the event has always been the priority of me and the tournament staff.

Unfortunately neither the city government nor the state nor the hotel give us security guarantees for those attending the event and we can not expose anyone to any kind of violence or extortion. I hope that everyone understands the reasons why I cannot hold the tournament and I sincerely hope that the current situation in Acapulco changes very soon.

Hopefully things will improve for Acapulco in 2017 so I can offer a first class event as it has been from 2003-2015. Back stronger than ever, with the hope of a world league that is growing at a rapid levels and a competitive level of highest regard. We’ll have more than ever with WKU, with competitors in more than 70 countries, 18,000 athletes and affiliates now looking to have a Pan American Games of Sport Karate for all ages and in all categories. traditional, creative and team forms, traditional, creative and team weapons. Combat points, continuous, Full Contact Kumite, Kyokushin, K-1 and MMA.

I remain at your service.

Sincerely, Luis Fernando Jimenez.

Director of the Mexican Open.

President WKU Mexico”

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