The North Central Karate Association (NCKA) is a great sport karate circuit in the midwestern part of the United States that offers events in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The 2014-15 season kicked off with the Minnesota State Championships held in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota at the Earle Brown Heritage Center on September 28, 2014. With the exciting NCKA event – the Diamond Nationals – only a few weeks away, the MN State Championships was a great way to get ready for the big competition as well a reconnect with friends.

The event ran smoothly with great performances from all levels. The midwest is the home to some of the best sport karate competitors and coaches in the world so it was no surprise to see traditional guru Susanne Wanckett coaching some of her students at the event. The wins started with Kristin Swanson taking home the 10-11 black belt girls sparring division. Grace Schultz was the girls 11 & under forms grand champion with Joshua Sheih winning for the boys. The older boys weapons divisions were tough with a tie between Michael Kangbateh and Wyatt Morin in the 14-15 boys creative weapons division. Scott Cornelius made a rare appearance and won the 16-17 boys creative weapons division. It was Jacob Kahn with the boys 12-17 grand championship forms title and Sarah Tan with the girls win.

Cole Eckert was in town to coach a student and compete and he won his creative form division but a slip in the grand championships allowed Ron Tobin to head to the winner’s podium for the 18-29 men’s forms and weapons title. Yusbith Murillo was the women’s forms and weapons grand champion winner.

Adult fighting started later in the day and Aaron Knutson drew the first title with the 30 & over men’s sparring grand championship. Ashley Christensen showed up to take the women’s sparring grand championship title and BJ Carnahan continued his winning ways with the men’s sparring grand champion award.

The next event in the NCKA season is the Diamond Nationals the weekend of October 10-11, 2014 followed by the Fall Central States event on November 16, 2014. Follow all the action on the NCKA Facebook page or right here on