• A New Chapter to Competition: The AKA Warrior Cup

    The 2020 AKA Warrior Cup has made a habit out of redefining itself and pushing towards bigger and better things with every iteration and this year was no exception. With a new location in the Sheraton Grand in downtown Chicago, a new layout necessitated by [...]

  • Diamond Nationals: Change Up and Growth

    Diamonds Nationals this year was a little something different. Kicking off on November 4th in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, the new location provided both competitors and families with a slew of options not available in previous years, but also with additional challenges. The change [...]

AKA Warrior Cup: A Different Kind of Tournament

The Warrior Cup has long been a hallmark of professionalism and excellence for the Sport Karate world. This year's event was no exception. Held at the Hyatt Regency in the heart of Chicago and hosted by John Sharkey and Hunter Lyon, the AKA Warrior Cup does double duty, closing the book on the previous year’s competition with the NASKA banquet [...]

Top Sport Karate Competitors Named Best of 2018

Each year offers fans of sport karate a chance to vote for their favorite sport karate competitors, tournament and league. Thousands of votes are counted and the winners in fourteen categories are recognized for their accomplishments throughout the competition year. The voting for the 2018 Viewers' Choice Awards was the highest since the contest opened in 2014. For [...]

Diamond Nationals: The Next Big Step

Diamonds is one of those events that people just assume you are going to. Especially in the Midwest. It’s been a staple of the Sport Karate Circuit since forever, and it’s a proving ground for some of the best around. Held in its customary location at the Doubletree Hotel in Bloomington, MN. The Diamond Nationals spanned Friday and Saturday, October [...]

Who Says Traditional Can’t Win? 2018 US Capitol Classics

The root of martial arts is traditional techniques and self-defense. Practitioners complain that competitive martial arts erode the tradition of the style. With acrobatics and extreme martial arts that include tricks and gymnastics at sport martial arts events, traditionalists believe they don't stand a chance. The 2018 US Capitol Classics & China Open, held August 3-4, 2018, threw all those [...]

The 2018 U.S. Open: A Magic All Its Own

The U.S. Open is always a showpiece event for the NASKA circuit. People from all over the world travel to the Coranado Spring’s Resort on Disney grounds to compete with the very best. It’s a huge, sprawling, and high-octane event that brings out everyone’s very best, and this year was no different. Martial Artists from all over the world arrived [...]

The 2018 Quebec Open: Polish and Style in the North

The 2018 Quebec Open was a high energy, smooth-running event that showcased some of the very best Sport Karate in North America. Held at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada, this year’s Quebec Open was one of the biggest in recent memory, with pre-registrations up from previous years. This is especially remarkable as recent changes in Canadian Law threatened to [...]

The 2018 AKA Warrior Cup Opens the Season With Style

Being the first event on the NASKA World Tour is a lot of pressure for the AKA Warrior Cup, but the event did not disappoint with top competitors, a huge turn out and and an exciting finals. The enormous 70 pound Warrior Cups that are the namesake for the tournament garnished various rooms in the event on display for [...]

North American International Karate Championships 2017: Passion and Commitment

Connell Loveless’ North American International Karate Championships in Larthrup, MI was bogged down with challenges before it even began. Unfortunately, because of the hurricanes in the south, much of Team Revolution was unable to make it to the NAIKC this year. However, despite these, and numerous other setbacks that appeared throughout the weekend. Connell Loveless’ energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to [...]

AmeriKick Internationals: Sport Karate Spectacular in the City of Brotherly Love

The AmeriKick Internationals have always been a staple of the sport karate world. It has always exemplified the competitive spirit in a positive atmosphere, and the drive to be ever bigger and better. This year there was another piece that added to the appeal. The merger between Team All Star and Team AmeriKick made this year’s AmeriKick Internationals a debut, [...]

AKA Warrior Cup: Windy City Excellence

Karate tournaments are large and chaotic events. Organizing them involves getting hundreds of martial artists from all over the Nation, and World, in the same room working towards a common goal. A daunting task by any definition. The 2017 AKA Warrior Cup organizers managed it with grace and style all their own that promoted feelings of goodwill and family as [...]

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