Team Amerikick

Ariel Torres
Ht/Wt:5' 8/155
Years in Martial Arts:
Home Town:Miami, Florida (originally Cuba)
Martial Arts School:Goju Ryu Miami Kenseikan

Player Bio

I started martial arts right after I came to this country from Cuba, I am very hyper active so my doctor told my parents to put me in something that would make me tired, and well they took me to a karate school, and that’s where it all started. One day my Sensei spoke to my parents and told them that he thought I should compete and that I would do well competing. But I kept competing because I love the hard work that I have to put everyday day into my training, and how happy I feel, as well as my family when that hard work pays off.

Being on the US Open stage this year for the ISKA World championship was truly my biggest accomplishment. To have been there amongst such great athletes was a great honor for me. And to have been able to win the ISKA world title was even better. So I’m very grateful for that opportunity. My hobbies simply consist of training karate on a daily basis and studying for school. I run track, and play the trumpet as well.

My goals in sport karate are simple, I just want to be great ambassador for traditional karate. I want to be able to inspire kids from all over, to show them that anyone can be a good traditionalist and that al the hard work, all the sweat, everything will pay of in the future. My karate hero is my Sensei Robert Young, for the simple fact that he’s not only an amazing karateka but he’s a great man, that has always had my back and has helped me follow my dreams, both in sport karate and my education. So to me he’s my one true hero in Karate.