Team Unity

Cassandra Oliviere
Ht/Wt:5' 5/113
Years in Martial Arts:9 Years
Home Town:Atlanta, Georgia
Martial Arts School:
Country:United States
Nickname:San or Cass

Player Bio

How did you start martial arts? My dad actually forced me into it when I was 7 because he wanted to pass down the tradition (I guess) , But I’ve grown to appreciate and love this sport.

Why did you start competing? Of course my dad made me compete in the beginning of my martial arts experience, but I decided to continue and compete nationally because I saw a video of Chelsey Nash sparring and I was determined to be just like her. Best decision I’ve made so far.

Biggest sport karate accomplishments?  In 2013 I won the 12-14 featherweight sparring title at the NBL supergrands. In 2014 I won the 12-14 featherweight sparring title, the overall sparring title, and the soft open(chinese style) forms title at the NBL SuperGrands. I have not done many tournaments this year, but my 1st place win at the 2015 US Open in 16-17 point sparring is very special to me. I was also featured in the Sport Karate Illustrated magazine last year.

Other hobbies/sports you participate in? I’m a full time martial artist, but I plan on doing track this year.

Sport karate goals? Well, almost everyone I know wants to be the best at what they do. Of course I want to be the top female adult fighter in the future, but I would also like the be the People’s Champion just like Gina Thornton. My dream team is no other than Paul Mitchell. We’ll see what the future holds.

Sport karate heroes? Nicki Carlson Lee , Gina Thornton, Morgan Plowden, Chelsey Nash, and Regena Thompson.

Other information: I’m originally a Kung Fu stylist, Sport karate is something I had to adapt to.