Team Paul Mitchell

Jackson Rudolph
Ht/Wt:6' 0/165
Years in Martial Arts:11
Home Town:Paducah, Kentucky
Martial Arts School:
Nickname:Green Heat

Player Bio

Jackson is a 43-time sport karate world champion and 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In addition to being a member of the world renowned Team Paul Mitchell Karate, he is a Hyper Pro Athlete for Hyper Marital Arts, and a professional athlete for Century Martial Arts.

Jackson is most known for his weapons innovation with the bo staff having developed a style consisting of releases and manipulations combined with power and technical precision. He has 3 instructional DVDs from Hyper and a signature line of bo staffs from Century Martial Arts. He has a great reputation as an instructor and travels extensively competing and teaching seminars. Jackson has taught over 60 seminars and countless hours of private lessons.

How did you start martial arts? Jackson’s first grade teacher was a black belt and she donated an introductory course to the local Tae Kwon Do school as a silent auction item for his school’s fall carnival. Jackson begged his parents to bid on it and they won the item. He was 6 years old when he took his first class.

Why did you start competing? When Jackson was a green belt his instructor posted a flyer for a regional tournament that was to be held in a neighboring city. Upon learning that he could compete as an under belt, he immediately began practicing his form multiple times a day and asking the instructors for additional classes and tips on how to make his form better. Jackson won the forms division and was hooked.

Biggest sport karate accomplishments? 6 US Open ISKA individual weapons titles, 3 Warrior Cups, 3 Diamond Rings, and the Compete Gold Medallion (under the original formula where he had to win the weapons overall and then beat the other 3 overall winners for the Gold Medallion)

Other hobbies/sports you participate in? Jackson has a variety of interests however his schedule is full with his martial arts and professional commitments.

Sport karate goals? Jackson is very proud of what he has accomplished as a junior and wants to continue that success next year moving into the adult division.

Sport karate heroes? Lauren Kearney, Matt Emig, Casey Marks-Nash, John Su, Mike Bernardo, Nate Andrade, and Kevin Thompson