| Open World Tour Ranking

Women 18+ Creative/Musical/Extreme/Traditional Form


Sammy Smith
Sammy SmithRated #1
Team: Paul Mitchell
Country: USA (NY)


Mackensi Emory
Mackensi EmoryRated #2
Team: Paul Mitchell
Country: USA (CA)
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Women Forms Rankings - December 31, 2015

1Sammy SmithTeam Paul MitchellUSA (NY)Up 9

Last Quarter: 10
Continues to impress in the adult divisions with championship wins at Diamonds and Pan Americans.
2Mackensi EmoryTeam Paul MitchellUSA (CA)--

Last Quarter: 2
3Becca RossTeam AmerikickUSA (FL)Down 2

Last Quarter: 1
4Payton FoleyTeam InfinityUSA (WI)--

Last Quarter: 4
5Daniela BarrientosMexicoUp 4

Last Quarter: 9
The fourth quarter was excellent for Barrientos.
6Tere Lopez BarrosoMexicoUp 2

Last Quarter: 8
Strong performances in 4th quarter improve her spot.
7Stephannie FigueroaUSA (FL)Down 4

Last Quarter: 3
Little activity in the 4th quarter moves her down a few spots.
8Dayna HuorTeam AKAUSA (IL)--

Last Quarter: 7
Good work at Diamonds puts her onto the rankings.
9Jessica GrantUSADown 3

Last Quarter: 6
10Jennifer EspinaUSA (FL)Down 5

Last Quarter: 5

Women Forms Rankings - August 31, 2015

1Becca RossTeam AmerikickUSA (FL)--

Last Month: 1
2Mackensi EmoryTeam Paul MitchellUSA (CA)--

Last Month: 2
3Stephannie FigueroaUSA (FL)--

Last Month: 3
4Payton FoleyTeam InfinityUSA (WI)--

Last Month: 4
5Jennifer EspinaUSA (FL)--

Last Month: 5
6Jessica GrantUSA--

Last Month: 6
7Stefanie Flowers-DelameterUSA (CO)--

Last Month: 7
8Tere Lopez BarrosoMexico--

Last Month: 8
9Daniela BarrientosMexico--

Last Month: 9
10Sammy SmithUSA (NY)--

Last Month: Not Rated
Gets to stage in her debut as an adult.

Women Forms Rankings - July 31, 2015

1Becca RossTeam AmerikickUSA (FL)Up 1

Last Month: 2
In head-to-head competition, Ross defeats the former #1 competitor at 2015 US Open.
2Mackensi EmoryTeam Paul MitchellUSA (CA)Down 1

Last Month: 1
Her runner up performance from 2015 US Open drops her slightly in the rankings but keeps her near the top.
3Stephannie FigueroaUSA (FL)Up 2

Last Month: 5
Hard not to notice Figueroa's name as winner in multiple divisions at 2015 US Open. She jumps up.
4Payton FoleyTeam InfinityUSA (WI)Down 1

Last Month: 3
Foley continues to be solid in forms. Figueroa's performance this month drops Foley slightly.
5Jennifer EspinaUSA (FL)--

Last Month: Not Ranked
Espina has not been competing much but showed up to 2015 US Open to win. Her efforts put her squarely in the rankings.
6Jessica GrantUSA--

Last Month: Not Ranked
Grant did well at the 2015 US Open which gets her into the rankings.
7Stefanie Flowers-DelameterUSA (CO)--

Last Month: Not Ranked
Formerly she was just Flowers. Her 30 & over performances rocket her into the rankings for July.
8Tere Lopez BarrosoMexicoDown 1

Last Month: 7
Barroso did well at the 2015 US Open but moved down slightly to make room for Flowers.
9Daniela BarrientosMexicoDown 3

Last Month: 6
Barrientos did well at US Open but dropped slightly in rankings.
10Mieke RosecransUSA--

Last Month: Not Ranked
Consistent performer in 2015 so far.

Women Forms Rankings - June 30, 2015

1Mackensi EmoryTeam Paul MitchellUSA (CA)--
2Becca RossTeam AmerikickUSA (FL)--
3Payton FoleyTeam InfinityUSA (WI)--
4Casey Marks-NashTeam Paul MitchellCanada-
5Stephannie FigueroaUSA (FL)--
6Daniella BarientosMexico--
7Tere BarrosoMexico--
8Dayna HuorTeam Paul MitchellUSA (IL)--
9Tressa YoungUSA--
10Paige BantumUSA--