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Girls 14-17  Form


Melissa Baillargeon
Melissa BaillargeonRated #1
Team: Free Agent
Country: Canada


Gabrielle CunhaRated #2
Team: Straight Up
Country: USA
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Youth 14-17 Girls Forms Rankings - December 31, 2015

1Melissa BaillargeonCanada--

Last Quarter: 1
2Gabrielle CunhaTeam Straight UpUSA--

Last Quarter: 2
3Isabella CaractaUSAUp 1

Last Quarter: 10
Great 4th quarter performances move Caracta way up and pushes others down.
4Mary AmatoTeam AKAUSA (IL)Down 1
Last Quarter: 3
5Rose RheaumeCanadaDown 1

Last Quarter: 4
6Matti BranniganCanadaDown 1

Last Quarter: 5
7Samantha ArbizUSADown 1

Last Quarter: 6
8Maia DiDomenicoUSADown 1

Last Quarter: 7
9Hope ChaseUSA (PA)Down 1

Last Quarter: 8
10Rebecca YoungCanadaDown 1

Last Quarter: 9

Youth 14-17 Girls Forms Rankings - August 31, 2015

1Melissa BaillargeonCanadaUp 1

Last Month: 2
#1 competitor Sammy Smith moves to adults. Baillargeon and all others move up.
2Gabrielle CunhaTeam Straight UpUSAUp 1

Last Month: 3
3Mary AmatoTeam AKAUSA (IL)Up 1

Last Month: 3
4Rose RheaumeCanadaUp 1

Last Month: 5
5Matti BranniganCanadaUp 1

Last Month: 6
6Samantha ArbizUSAUp 1

Last Month: 7
7Maia DiDomenicoUSAUp 1

Last Month: 8
8Hope ChaseUSA (PA)Up 1

Last Month: 9
9Rebecca YoungCanadaUp 1

Last Month: 10
10Isabella CaractaUSA--

Last Month: Not Rated
Back on the ratings after a good performance at Capitol Classics.

Youth 14-17 Girls Forms Rankings - July 31, 2015

1Sammy SmithTeam Paul MitchellUSA (NY)--

Last Month: 1
Holds her top ranking after wins at 2015 US Open. However, she moves to adults soon.
2Melissa BaillargeonCanada--

Last Month: 2
Continues to dominate the traditional divisions.
3Gabrielle CunhaTeam Straight UpUSA--

Last Month: 3
Wins multiple divisions at 2015 US Open to hold her ranking.
4Mary AmatoTeam AKAUSA (IL)Up 2

Last Month: 6
Great performance at 2015 US Open including stage appearance and moves up in rankings.
5Rose RheaumeCanada--

Last Month: Not Ranked
Impressive performance at 2015 US Open moves her into rankings.
6Matti BranniganCanada--

Last Month: Not Ranked
Strong performance at 2015 US Open moves her into rankings.
7Samantha ArbizUSAUp 3

Last Month: 10
Moves up after strong performance at 2015 US Open.
8Maia DiDomenicoUSADown 1

Last Month: 7
Does well at 2015 US Open but moves down slightly.
9Hope ChaseUSA (PA)Down 5

Last Month: 4
Did well at regional events in July to stay on rankings.
10Rebecca YoungCanada--

Last Month: Not Ranked
Good performance at 2015 US Open garners her final ranking spot for July.

Youth 14-17 Girls Forms Rankings - June 30, 2015

1Sammy SmithTeam Paul MitchellUSA (NY)--
2Melissa BaillargeonCanada--
3Gabrielle CunhaTeam Straight UpUSA--
4Hope ChaseUSA (PA)-
5Rebecca YoungCanada--
6Mary AmatoTeam AKAUSA--
7Maia DiDomenicoUSA--
8Isabella CaractaTeam Straight UpUSA--
9Samantha KostekUSA--
10Samantha ArbizUSA--