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Boys 14-17  Point Sparring


Bailey MurphyRated #1
Team: Free Agent
Country: USA


Geng Geng ArceoRated #2
Team: Proper
Country: USA (CA)
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Youth 14-17 Boys Point Sparring Rankings - December 31, 2015

1Bailey MurphyUSA--

Last Quarter: 1
After some issues, Murphy rebounded and finished strong.
2Geng Geng ArceoTeam ProperUSA (CA)--

Last Quarter: Not Ranked
Arceo has been destroying all opponents consistently and gets into the rankings.
3Blake SpenceTeam RevolutionUSA (SC)Up 1

Last Quarter: 4
Spence returns from an injury strong to move up in the rankings.
4Bobby SeronioTeam ProperUSA (CA)Up 5

Last Quarter: 10
Seronio was impressive during the fourth quarter to move up.
5Yacub KhalifahUSA (NY)--

Last Quarter: Not Ranked
Khalifah had a tough 3rd quarter but turned himself around in the 4th quarter to get back on the rankings.
6Tyreeke SaintUSAUp 2

Last Quarter: 8
Saint continued strong in the 4th quarter but had some important losses that kept him out of the top 5.
7Derek MeeganTeam AmerikickUSA (CA)Down 5

Last Quarter: 2
Meegan has had a tough 4th quarter. Look for him to rebound in 2016.
8Sebastian CoutureTeam All StarsCanadaUp 1

Last Quarter: 9
Couture was back in the mix in the 4th quarter and took second to Seronio at Pan Americans.
9Herbert RodasUSA (CA)--

Last Quarter: Not Ranked
Rodas surprised everyone at Pan Americans and won his division and fought strong in other divisions.
10Patrick JanuszewskiTeam AmerikickUSA--

Last Quarter: Not Ranked
Wins at Twin Towers and Pan Americans get Patrick onto the rankings for the 1st time.

Youth 14-17 Boys Point Sparring Rankings - August 31, 2015

1Bailey MurphyUSAUp 1

Last Month: 2
Murphy continues to dominate with a win at Capitol Classics in August.
2Derek MeeganTeam AmerikickUSA (CA)Down 1

Last Month: 1
Meegan loses 1st round at Capitols and loses top spot.
3Brandon BallouTeam Straight UpUSAUp 6

Last Month: 9
Ballou wins at Capitol Classics and is looking good to move up.
4Blake SpenceTeam RevolutionUSA (SC)--

Last Month: 4
Spence took 4th at Capitols and barely holds on to his spot.
5Luis ForastieriTeam FedAmMexico--

Last Month: 5
6Jalen CarrTeam All StarsUSA(FL)Down 2

Last Month: 3
Carr was inactive in August and moved down a bit.
7Hector SolorioTeam FedAmMexicoDown 1

Last Month: 6
Solorio moves down a bit for Carr and may be moving to adults.
8Tyreeke SaintUSA--

Last Month: Not Rated
Defeated only by number one ranked Murphy, Saint gets into the rankings this month.
9Sebastian CoutureTeam All StarsCanadaDown 1

Last Month: 8
Couture's inactivity in August moves him down in rankings.
10Bobby SeronioTeam ProperUSA (CA)--

Last Month: 10

Youth 14-17 Boys Point Sparring Rankings - July 31, 2015

1Derek MeeganTeam AmerikickUSA (CA)--

Last Month: 1
Meegan wins a stacked division at 2015 US Open to retain his top spot.
2Bailey MurphyUSA--

Last Month: 2
Murphy was AWOL at 2015 US Open but is undefeated this year we believe.
3Jalen CarrTeam All StarsUSA(FL)Up 2

Last Month: 5
Carr gets a boost in the rankings after winning his divisions at The US Open for the 6th straight year
4Blake SpenceTeam RevolutionUSA (SC)--

Last Month: 4
Spence holds his own at the 2015 US Open to keep his ranking.
5Luis ForastieriTeam FedAmMexico--

Last Month: Not Ranked
His US Open performance stunned all and Forestieri rockets up the rankings.
6Hector SolorioTeam FedAmMexico--

Last Month: Not Ranked
Another surprise as Solorio takes on and beats top contenders at 2015 US Open
7Yacub KhalifahUSA (NY)--

Last Month: 7
Khalifah's US Open performance holds his spot on the rankings.
8Sebastian CoutureTeam All StarsCanadaDown 5

Last Month: 3
Couture's inactivity in July moves him down in rankings.
9Brandon BallouTeam Straight UpUSA--

Last Month: 9
Ballou couldn't win his US Open division but he holds on to his spot based on his performance thus far.
10Bobby SerionioTeam ProperUSA (CA)--

Last Month: Not Ranked
Great performances in June but inactive in July.

Youth 14-17 Boys Point Sparring Rankings - June 30, 2015

1Derek MeeganTeam AmerikickUSA (CA)--
2Bailey MurphyUSA (CT)--
3Sebastian CoutureTeam All StarsCanada--
4Blake SpenceTeam RevolutionUSA (SC)-
5Jalen CarrTeam All StarsUSA (FL)--
6Jared ChastainTeam Next LevelUSA (GA)--
7Yacub KhalifahUSA (NY)--
8Alex GiulaniTeam All StarsCanada--
9Brandon BallouTeam Straight UpUSA (RI)--
10Alec JahanvashTeam Red DragonUSA (CA)--