Recognizing Sport Karate Officials

No tournament can run well without dedicated, fair, experienced officials. Most officials volunteer their time and get little reward other than a lunch, free entry and the feeling of helping. At, we are on the look-out for great officials so we can give them recognition for their hard work and expertise.

If you want to nominate an official for recognition in 2016, we’d love to hear from you.

Cory Hester
Cory HesterMartial Arts Instructor
Event: Palm Beach Martial Arts Expo 2015

Mr. Tucker was impressive as the center judge at the Palm Beach Martial Arts Expo where he ran all of the 7 and under divisions. When dealing with children who had little competition experience, he displayed patience and fairness so that all of the kids left feeling like winners.

Jeromy Roque
Jeromy RoqueMartial Arts Instructor and School Owner
Event: Pan American Internationals 2015

Roque ran the under belt divisions at the 2015 Pan American Internationals and was able to get all divisions completed by 2:00 p.m. – an amazing feat. And after completion of his coordinating work for under belts, he stepped in to judge in the black belt divisions showing poise and consistency throughout.


Great officials make our sport better! recognizes great officiating and so should you. Contact us to nominate an official for recognition from our Full Coverage events!