The 2016 tournament season started with the Long Island Winter Open in New York. This event was a WKC Qualifier and a chance to test skills against some great East Coast competitors.

Cool divisions designed just for five and under competitors as well as unique age divisions for adults (like 18-23) were appreciated by the participants. In fighting,  young Bailey Murphy tried his hand in the adults and was impressive. In the end, it was Kameren Dawson and Anthony Merricks as the final two fighters with Merricks taking the title.

For the women, Nicole Pelland was the overall fighting champion. In forms and weapons, Olivia Sun was the overall winner for women.

In forms and weapons Joey Castro brought his traditional chi and was the adult forms grand champion winner. Young Brandon Ballou jumped into adults and was the adult weapons grand champion winner. Keith Hill was the junior grand champion winner and Allen Acosta won the self-defense title.

The competitor-friendly event was enjoyed by all with great awards and a great host with Maggie Messina promoting the event. See photos, video and more about this event on the website and social media.

Find more on social media: #liwo16