The 2018 Quebec Open was a high energy, smooth-running event that showcased some of the very best Sport Karate in North America. Held at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada, this year’s Quebec Open was one of the biggest in recent memory, with pre-registrations up from previous years. This is especially remarkable as recent changes in Canadian Law threatened to shut the event down. However, the directors were able to work out the issues and this year’s Quebec Open was a success and exercise in efficiency, professionalism, and great martial arts.

Friday Night and Saturday eliminations were full of top quality martial arts and intense competitors. Black Belt Divisions weren’t as large as some other events, but the level of talent was both fantastic and fierce. Team NMAC had a phenomenal representation with contingents from all over Canada and Mexico.

One of the true treats of the Quebec Open is the spectacular Night Show. This year’s show was no exception, set in an arena with fantastic and dynamic lighting, great stage direction, and a phenomenal lineup. The Quebec Open’s Night Show takes the idea of what a Night Show could be to entirely new levels of professionalism and entertainment.

The evening started off with an impressive and awe-inspiring Team Demonstration to welcome guests. Then finals began and the competition with Avery Presley taking the win for 13 and under girls weapons while Aiden Kennedy wowed the crowd with two spectacular performances, winning both the 13 and under weapons and forms divisions. Masson Stowell destroyed the ring in the 14-17 Boys division with a phenomenal performance and Noell Jellison wowed the crowd with both of her performances in weapons and forms securing both titles for 14-17 Girls Form and Weapons.

Allen Davies electrified the crowd in Men’s Weapons with his signature high flying excellence, claiming the win and Casey Nash took to the stage and gave a clinic on traditional kata, taking the grands for Women’s Form. However, she wasn’t able to pull it off in Women’s Weapons. Nash was beaten by Melissa Baillergeon’s spectacular bo form. It was a great demonstration of traditional versus contemporary kata and that evening Melissa was able to walk away with the win. Ariel Torres took the win in Men’s Form while he and his teammate, Afonso Santos did a beautiful traditional form, winning the Team Synch title.

One of the many things that sets the Quebec Open apart from other events is its focus and celebration of its physical challenge division. The division showcases passionate martial artists with varying levels of abilities, demonstrating their art with absolute dedication and style. It was a fantastic, fun, and truly inspiring division that is a gem of the Quebec Open.

Robbie Lavoi and Jeremy Francoeur took the stage to battle for Lightweight Champion. In a fast and intense back and forth, Robbie Lavoi was able to take the win for the evening. The Heavy Weight Point Sparring grands was a careful and strategic match between Leon Jefferson and Mathieu Williams, and in the end – Leon Jefferson took the grands with a few well-placed techniques. For Women’s Point Sparring Grands, Elyse Gorrell and Verona Soliman worked a careful back and forth with some spectacularly timed reverse punches on both sides. After a great round, Elyse Gorrell took the grands.

Throughout the two days of the Quebec Open the entire event ran with a polish, panache, and spirit of goodwill that set it apart. Though the competition was fierce and the competitors focused, there was a sense of comradery and support that brought the event to a whole new level. The Quebec Open has a reputation as a great tournament, and the 2018 event was a demonstration of professionalism and consistency that sets a new standard for all tournaments to strive for.


Corwin Holzman