covers the 2011 NBL Supergrands

Brandon Bertsch in the adult traditional competition.

The Grand Finale Super Show at the Super Grands allows competitors to receive numerous awards and watch the new world champions  squaring off against one another for overall titles.  After the new world championship rings are dispersed, the select few champions storm the stage and compete for the honor to be named World Grand Champion and to receive the distinguished red NBL belt.  The first division of the evening was the Junior Contemporary Forms World Grand Championship.  Sage Northcutt bowed out of the division, leaving Mikelle Smedley of Team Pinnacle, Seth Boyette of Team Strike Force and Dallas Liu – a new member of Team All Stars – to vie for the title.  Although Smedley and Liu were incredibly good, it would be Georgia native Boyette who was awarded the title.

The next competition was the Adult Traditional Forms World Grand Championship.  Jeff Doss (Korean), Jay Brandt (Soft Traditional), Daniella Barrientos (Japanese) and Brandon Bertsch (Traditional Weapons) competed for the coveted red belt.  After every competitor performed, Doss, Barrientos and Bertsch somehow ended in a three-way tie.  Due to NBL rules, they had to run their forms once again.  After the second performance, the three still were tied.  Finally, the judges decided to point to the competitor they felt was the most deserving.  The judges felt that Jeff Doss of Virginia would go home with the crown.

After more award placements were given out, the Junior Traditional Forms World Grand Championship was contested.  Emily Hemmerling, Renee Torres and Andrea Tyrell faced the tough task of defeating Bay Area born Andryanne Angat.  Angat’s clean Korean kicks and transitions were much too great for the other competitors to overcome, leaving her as the Grand Champion.

Women’s Sparring World Grand Championship competition was next on stage. First in the Flyweight versus Featherweight division, Joslynn Espinosa faced off against Proper teammate Gerrica Trias.  Espinosa disposed of her teammate, qualifying her for the final fight.  In the Lightweight versus Middleweight contest, Colbey Northcutt automatically qualified after a Regina Thompson bow out.  The final fight was then set between Espinosa and Northcutt, meaning another Proper versus All Star clash – a common theme throughout the week.   Espinosa was unable to overcome the massive reach advantage held by Northcutt and Northcutt took a win for All Stars.

The last forms division of the evening was the Adult Contemporary Forms World Grand Championship.  Darren Cox faced off against Ghandi Lewis and Jeff Doss.  All three competitors performed well, but it would take a double back tuck for Ghandi to lay claim to the overall grand.

Finally it was time for the Men’s overall point sparring grand.  In the Flyweight versus Featherweight clash between Kris Lay and LeAutry Bruner, the speed on the stage was for all to display.  Bruner was able to oust Lay and move on to the semi finals. In the Lightweight/Light Middleweight matchup, two-time overall winner Willie Hicks faced “Nawlins” born Ryan George.  Hicks caught a stiff shot above the eye and was medically unable to continue, allowing George to move on.  Jamal Albini faced Leon Jefferson (another All Star versus Proper matchup) in the Middleweight/Light Heavyweight matchup.  Albini danced with speed around the ring but Jefferson’s aggressiveness in the ring allowed him to win the match.  Finally in the Heavyweight/Super Heavyweight matchup, Raymond Daniels defeated Bryan Young in a matchup of rivals.

In the Lightweight Semi-Finals, George defeated Bruner to advance to the World Grand Championship.  In the Heavyweight Semi-Finals, Raymond Daniels barely survived a strong side kick to the jaw by Leon Jefferson to take the win.  The finals were set between Ryan George and Raymond Daniels.  George couldn’t overtake Daniels, making Daniels the overall Grand Champion, thus officially ending the 2011 NBL Super Grands.  Till next year!