covers the 2011 NBL Supergrands

Joshua Durbin opens his routine in the finals of the 2011 NBL Supergrands

The last official grand finale of the Super Grands was filled with adults, vying for the right to be called World Champion.  The first event of this evening was the Hard Choreographed Musical Forms division, contested by Jeff Doss and Ghandi Lewis.  A slight stumble by Doss allowed Ghandi to capture his first individual title in a few years.  Next was time for the Senior Contemporary Forms division, featuring everyone’s favorite leprechaun Andrew Cabilan facing Edwin Alejandro.  Cabilan was unable to defeat Alejandro and Alejandro took home his first win after years away from competition.  Anja Greenhalgh and Colbey Northcutt faced off for the Women’s Creative title.  Northcutt would continue her dominance in the adult female divisions begun earlier in the year.  Next in the Chinese division, Philadelphia native Hector Cruz fell to Jay Brandt while Marco Aguilar pulled off an astonishing victory over Colbey Northcutt in the Kenpo division.  Damian Marquez managed an upset win over Mike Spizzuco in the Male Japanese Division while Spizzuco-trained Colbey Northcutt was defeated by Daniela Barrientos for the female title.  As for the elder competitors, Andrew Cabilan defeated Hugo Mendoza for the senior title and newcomer Bobby Cannon defeated veteran Bill Jenkins in the executive 45+ division with Jenkins competing with a torn muscle.

Next on the bill was continuous sparring, starting with the female Featherweight division.  Gerrica Trias handily defeated July Robles en route to her second title of the Grands.  Colbey Northcutt won her title due to a bow out in the Lightweight category making it a clean sweep with her sparring divisions.  Hugo Mendoza defeated Curtis McNeil in the men’s Middleweight division while Canadian Mike Levy won the Light Heavyweight title.  Jonathan Garcia won the Heavyweight division by dispatching opponent Corey Anderson.  Finally, James Davidson bowed out to brother Charlie Davidson allowing him to take home the title.

Then the focus of the evening switched back to forms.  Josh Durbin battled Ghandi Lewis for the Hard Creative Forms title.  Lewis’s attempt at a double back tuck proved futile as Durbin’s flawless routine netted him the victory.  Deon Beatty won the 35+ female Musical Forms division, while Jeff Doss avenged his previous loss by defeating Ghandi Lewis for the Hard Open Musical Forms division.  Doss would go on to have back to back wins as in the next division he defeated Bear Loebe for the Korean title.  Colbey Northcutt took the stage again this time defeating Momah Chatman for the female Korean title.

After the forms divisions were completed, the rest of the fighting divisions were held.  Troy Whaley defeated Martin Amba to lay claim to the 45+ Lightweight division.  Tyrone Ward pulled out a win over David Coppock in the 45+ Heavyweight division.  Finally in incredible fashion, Andres Garcia overcame a big deficit to defeat Ryan George.  That great fight ended what was a great Super Grands.  The final competition would be contested later…in the Grand Championship finale!