covers the 2011 NBL Supergrands

Adult point sparring at the 2011 NBL Supergrands

Finale three was adults-only competition and it proved incredibly exciting.  The first division was the Hard Choreographed Musical competition.  Jeff Doss and Josh Durbin renewed their WestPac rivalry on this night and they both performed very well.  But in the end, Durbin’s tricks and flips were too much for Doss to overcome.  The next division was the senior Contemporary Weapons division.  Andrew Cabilan’s entertaining routine topped Del Campo and made Cabilan this year’s champion.  Next in the Choreographed Fight division, Bear Loebe’s Tron skit overcame Jay Brandt for the world title.  In Hard Creative Weapons, Josh Durbin and Ghandi Lewis gave a trick clinic, but only Ghandi would walk home with the world title.  In the female division, Audrey Fitzgerald faced off against Anja Greenhalgh.  In a shocking upset, Fitzgerald would top Greenhalgh.

The focus then shifted to point sparring.  In the Flyweight division, Kris Lay defeated Max Trujillo by one point to take home the win.  Kyle Sheppard faced off against LeAutry Bruner for the Featherweight crown.  Bruner would take home the win in dominating fashion, forcing a spread victory.  Patrick Salientes and Willie Hicks engaged in arguably the most exciting fight of the Super Grands.  Hicks would take home the title for Team All Stars however, with a one point victory.  Then in the Light Middle division, Andres Garcia faced Ryan George.  George’s long legs kept Garcia at bay, netting George the world title victory.

Then it was back to forms.  The newly formed Team Legacy Elite defeated Ervic and Brandon Aquino in the team forms competition.  In the Soft Contemporary Forms division, Hector Cruz wooed his way to a victory.    Cruz would find a tougher task, however, in weapons competitor Darren Cox.  Cox’s three sectioned staff wowed the judges and allowed him to take home the gold.

Point sparring was on the bill after the soft forms.  Drew Beatty defeated Charlanne Oka for the senior women’s division.  Joselyn Espinoza won her second straight title in the women’s Flyweight division.  Gerrica Trias, Colbey Northcutt and Regina Thompson won the women’s Feather, Light and Middleweight divisions, respectively.  Troy Whaley and Mario Martin Del Campo had a close match all the way to the end until Whaley was able to pull away.  Bobby Seronio’s return was stalled by Derrick Wilson from Team Kickstart.  Paul Mendoza was injured during his match and it seemed to affect his performance in his loss to Daniel Colorado.  Finally, Sylvester Youngblood defeated David Coppock to claim the Heavyweight crown.

Nick Cain made it five self defense world titles in a row by defeating  Del Campo trained Ernesto Valenzuela.  Brandon Bertsch also defeated Colbey Northcutt for the Traditional Weapons title, further cementing his legacy in that division.  When those two divisions were completed, the big boys of fighting took the stage.  Johnathan Chavez could not overcome Jamal Albini’s lighting fast blitz, leading to an Albini victory in the Middleweight category.  Leon Jefferson suffered a scare in the early going of his bout with Carlos Ortiz, but he eventually dispatched his foe en route to the Light Heavyweight Point Sparring World Championship.  Bryan Young easily defeated Steve Giroux to win his second Heavyweight title in a row.  And finally, it was time for the Super Heavyweight clash between James Davidson and Raymond Daniels.    In a closely contested fight, Raymond Daniels would take home his first individual world title in years.