Day three of the Super Grands was as exciting as the last two.  Creative, traditional and point fighting were all on hand for those in attendance.  Raymond Daniels and Jamal Albini wildcarded their point sparring divisions and made it all the way to the finals.  Jeff Doss and Josh Durbin edged Darrell “Ghandi” Lewis to make it to the finals for adult contemporary forms.  Finally,  Canadian teammates Trevor Brownell and Jacob Cleary made it on stage for traditional weapons.  On to the finals….

The first division of the evening was the 11- Hard Choreographed Musical Weapons division.  Andrea Tyrell of Everage Karate faced off against Karina Hipolito of Pinnacle Martial Arts.  Tyrell’s powerful strikes would outdo Karina’s incredible kicks, giving Tyrell the win.  Next was the 12-14 Male Creative Weapons division.  Strike Force teammates Scottie Perkins and Ridge Dyal faced off for the honor to be named champion.  After dropping his bo, Dyal would succumb to Perkins’ clean routine, leaving Perkins as the champion.  The following division had been a rivalry all week: Trevor Brownell versus Seth Boyette for the 15-17 Creative Weapons title.  After a pair of tens, Boyette would take the title home all the way to Georgia.  Young Karina Hipolito would storm the stage again, this time against Baylor Jeppsen for the Choreographed Fight division.  With the help of a little friend, Karina Hipolito took home the title.  Next was the 15-17 Choreographed division featuring Seth Boyette and Ricardo Menendez.  With a decisive decision, Boyette walked home with his second world title of the evening.

Next on the bill was point sparring. 12-14 Female Feather Sparring was first and it featured two fierce fighters in Amanda Chen and Drew Beatty.  By a score of 3-2, Chen would take home her second world title after her team sparring win the night before.  After the feather division, it was the lightweights going at it.  Meghan Hamilton and Karina Perea fought valiantly, but it would be Hamilton that would undo an eight point deficit to take the title from Perea with a final score of 11-10.  Ashlee Grant faced off against Lynelle Farin for the 15-17 female point sparring title.  In an upset, Farin would defeat Grant in a 4-3 win.  Girls Featherweight was next featuring Victoria Guiterrez against Jordyn Deal.  After a first round victory by Deal, Guiterrez would take home the title with a second round win.  Next was Dominic Rubalcava facing Zachary Gaona in the tiny boys’ division.  Gaona would win in controversial fashion, but a win is a win!  Next up was Bobby Seronio trained Angel Caliz and Wilhen Jorge for the 11- Middle Point Sparring title.  Jorge would go on to defeat sparring partner Caliz for the title.   The last division up for sparring for a while featured Fernanda Flores and Tyler Doan.  After a one fight push by Flores, Doan would overtake the second round and take the win.

Next was the Traditional Self Defense division.  Karina’s older sister Mara Hipolito faced Corum Jensen of Utah.  Jensen’s Kempo techniques led him to a victory and his first self-defense world title.  Next in the 11- Traditional Weapons division, Andrea Tyrell and Brandon Aquino had to run their routines twice, because of a tie.  In the end, Tyrell would take home the crown.  Next in the 12-14 division, Jacob Cleary faced off against Sage Northcutt.  Cleary’s oar was enough to topple Northcutt’s bo, allowing him to win his first world title.  Finally, in the 15-17 division, Eli Alexander faced off against Trevor Brownell.  Brownell’s oar proved to be too much for Eli’s sword and he too, would claim his first world title.

After the traditional, there were more Contemporary divisions to contest.  First, Cleary and Northcutt would compete again, this time in Choreographed Weapons.  The tables turned his time as, with the aid of three 10’s, Northcutt took home the title.  Next in the 15-17 Female Creative division, Mara Hipolito faced Hannah Walker.  Walker’s quick bo techniques sealed her the world title over the elder Hipolito.  Mara’s little sister Karina faced off against Hayden Smith for the 11 and under crown.  The Georgian native Smith would take home the crown with a few 10’s to boot.  Next on deck was Emma Levy versus Mikele Smedly, in Smedly’s first time stage appearance.  With an amazing performance, Mikele Smedly would capture her first world title.  Next in 17 and under musical forms, Seth Boyette would face Sage Northcutt.  Northcutt’s second set of 10’s would prevent Boyette from going 3 for 3, netting Northcutt his second title of the evening.

More traditional divisions were on hand, with Japanese on tap first.  In the 11 and under category, Andrea Tyrell faced Mexican born Fernanda Flores.  Flores would bring the first title of the evening back to Mexico.  The third meeting between Northcutt and Cleary was for the 12-14 Japanese forms title.  Northcutt would break the tie with his rival with the win.  Finally, in the 15-17 division, Mara Hippolito faced off against Rene Torres.  Torres was able to defeat Hipolito for his first forms title.  Next up was Kenpo.  Karina Hipolito faced Emily Hemmerling for the 11 and under title.  The newcomer Hemmerling defeated Hipolito to take home the win.  In the 12-14 division, Logan Versosa was unable to defeat Sage Northcutt, while Corum Jensen and Mara Hippolito tied TWICE in the 15-17 division.  In a close point off, Jensen would take home his second win of the evening.

After the last traditional divisions of the evening, it was more point sparring.  David Martinez faced off against Bobby Seronio, III for the 12-14 lightweight title with Serionio bringing home another win for Team Proper.  Daniel Pena was able to defeat Jacob Cleary for the 12-14 middleweight crown.  Sage Northcutt forced a spread for the heavyweight title, while Keyon Allen defeated James Gilbeaux for the 15-17 lightweight gold.  Elijah Humes defeated Bo Hall for the middleweight 15-17 title and finally, Douglas Cyril fell to Nathan Skoufis for the heavyweight 15-17 grand.  See you tomorrow!