coverage of the 2011 NBL Supergrands

Team Proper fights Team Tekno for the boys team sparring championships

The NBL Super Grands are always an exciting end to the competition season, and that start to this year’s event proved no different.  Already on the first day, Team All-Stars were knocking people out showing off who the number one fighting team in Sport Karate is.  Also, Nick Cain will take the stage later this week to defend his five Self Defense world titles.  Finally, Mike Spizzuco won his sixth Breaking title, breaking his own record for the second time.  On to the finals….

The first nighttime finals of the Super Grands was filled with fun and excitement from start to finish.  There was plenty of fighting to be had and it kicked off with the Girl’s Team Fighting.   Fernanda Flores, Karina Parea, and Ashlee Grant represented Team Alchemy while Malia Seronio, Alexis Banifacio and Lynnell Farin fought for Team Seronio.  Flroes beat the smaller Seronio, 3-1 in the first bout while Parea extended the lead for Alchemy 10-6.  It all came down to Grant and Farin.  Although Farin would come close, she would still fall to Grant, 11-10, making Alchemy the Girl’s Team Fighting Champions.

Next was the Adult Mixed Sparring Champions featuring team All Stars vs. Team Proper, the biggest fighting rivalry in Sport Karate.  Colbey Northcutt and Joselyn Espinosa fought first representing the female category, ending in a tie 3-3.  Next was the 35+ competitors, Carlos Tearney and Troy Whaley.  In a classic power vs. speed matchup, power won out, with Tearney extending the lead 15-7.  In the final matchup, Raymond Daniels vs. Bryan Young, Daniels cemented the victory.  The deficit was too much for Young to overcome, leading to a 23-13 victory for All Stars.

Next on the schedule was the Boy’s Team Fighting, which featured Team Proper vs Team ATL.  The two youngsters Angel Caliz and Brandon Cook were flying all over the ring.  In the end, Caliz’s big stage experience was too much for Cook to handle, leaving Proper with a 5-1 lead.  Micah Williams from ATL had the tall task of handling Bobby Seronio Jr. in the middle bout.  Seronio lead Proper to a wide 9 point margin following that bout.  It was up to Kevin Walker to erase that deficit against Keyon Allen.  That proved too difficult, as Proper won 22-10.

The Men’s team fighting final was next on the ballot, featuring Team Proper vs. Team Tekno.  First up was Patrick Salientes vs Miguel Soto.  Soto held Salientes to a 5-3 lead at the end of the first round.  Next up was Leon Jefferson vs. Sergio Calva.  Leon Jefferson was able to fight back and ties the score 10-10 with the Mexican team Tekno.  Finally, the main event of the Men’s Teams featured Bryan Young and Luis Jiminez.  After much debate and crowd noise, Young would overtake Jiminez for the 18-14 victory.

The final competition was the finals for the World Team Fighting Championship.  Proper and All Stars renewed their rivalry in this epic clash of sparring titans.  The first match featured Josiah Crocket vs Chance Maxwell.   The taller Maxwell was able to lead All Stars to a 6-2 lead.  Next, Bobby Seronio wasn’t able to close the deficit, making it a 10-6 All Star lead.  Keyon Allen vs Sean McNeil proved to be an exciting fight, with Allen closing the gap somewhat, leaving Proper trailing by only three points.  The adult bouts kicked off with Patrick Salientes against Jamal Albini.  After lead exchanges, Albini would essentially end the fight with a questionable spinning back kick, leaving All Star with a five point lead.  The next match was Carlos Tearney against Alex Arceo.  Arceo held his own against Los, but still fell short leaving All Star with an 8 point lead.  The final bout was round two of Daniels and Young.  Young fought valiantly, but yet again the deficit was too great to overcome, as Daniels and the All Stars would take the win with a 42-33 victory.