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july, 2021

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Event Details

Join in the sixth event of the 2021 SMA Virtual Tour – the sport martial arts league for everyone training in martial arts and karate. This community of martial artists gets together once a month to enhance their martial arts experience through competition. The events are all LIVE, using the Zoom platform so you are competing and being assessed in real-time as well as watching other competitors. It is described as “as close to in-person as you can get.” You can compete against people all around the world from your home, your yard, your dojo and even while at another event! It is one of the best ways to enhance your martial arts experience.

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The SMA Virtual Tour began at the start of the COVID Pandemic in 2020 and has grown into a positive and fun worldwide sensation, reaching three continents and many different countries. It is a truly international experience and a chance to meet, compete with and make friends from around the world. Many new friendships and connections have been formed by participation in the SMA Virtual Tour.

Participants in the SMA Virtual Tour are challenged with great competition and a chance to build and develop skills and improve martial arts techniques as well as increase self-esteem and confidence. Competing in martial arts in the appropriate setting can be a game-changer in many youth and adult lives. Our competitors are get positive feedback and are excited and motivated to engage in an activity that can help achieve success in all other aspects of life such as work, school and relationships. It’s a total win-win!

The SMA Virtual Tour offers divisions for people who are just starting out in the martial arts all the way up to those who are very experienced in martial arts and competition. From First Timers to Black Belt, all genders and from ages 5 & under to 60+, there are divisions for all. We even offer fun challenges like round-kick challenge and pull-up challenger, the infamous Pet Tricks division, breaking divisions and more. We are sure that you will find a division that is right for you.

Anyone can participate in the SMA Virtual Tour events. If you like the events, you can become an SMA Virtual Tour member for 2021 and this will allow you to earn points for your performances and placement at the events (there are 9 events in total). At the end of the season, we offer a virtual awards banquet for the SMA Virtual Tour Members to celebrate the year and acknowledge our competitors. SMA Virtual Tour members can earn a number of titles for participation in the SMA Virtual Tour based on their ratings at the end of the season. Titles offered are:

Overall World Champion (Rated #1 in a division AND wins the division at the final championship)
Overall Grand Champion (Earn a spot and then win one of eight grand championship events at the end of the season)
#1 Rated Competitor (Rated #1 in a rated division at the end of the regular season)
Finals Champion (Wins a division at the final championship at the end of the season)
Final Four Champion (Earns one of the four invitational spots for the final championship event at the end of the season)
World Top Ten Champion (Rated in the top ten of a rated division at the end of the season)
Finalist Champion (Rated in a rated division at the end of the season)

Check out more about the SMA Virtual Tour Membership and 2021 Season Pass by clicking on the SMA VT logo below:

You can check out the rules for the divisions at this link:

Make sure to pick up your official SMA Virtual Tour Gear and Event Specific Gear by clicking the t-shirt graphic below! Look amazing!

2021 SMA Virtual Tour Schedule and Key Dates:

List of SMA Virtual Tour Regular Season Events:

  1. Quarantine Qualifier – February 14, 2021
  2. Sanitizer Showdown – March 14, 2021
  3. The Corona Cup – April 18, 2021
  4. Viral Vortex – May 16, 2021 (also includes the Mom Challenge Division for Mother’s Day)
  5. Mask Mania – June 13, 2021 (also includes the Dad Challenge Division for Father’s Day)
  6. Fever Frenzy – July 18, 2021
  7. Germ Games – August 15, 2021
  8. Scrub Skirmish – September 19, 2021
  9. Fumigation Feud – October 14, 2021 (also includes the Halloween Costume Challenge)

List of SMA Virtual Booster Events (these events are NOT included in the SMA VT Season Pass)
Get a few extra points for your SMA Virtual Tour ratings while also earning points in the SMA Virtual Booster mini-tour by participating in these events:

  1. The Sport Action Classic – January 30, 2021
  2. Milwaukee Open – February 21, 2021
  3. The NorthStar Open – March 21, 2021
  4. Naperville Challenge – April 24, 2021
  5. Freestyle Open – May 30, 2021

SMA Virtual Tour Finals Championship – (Invitation Only) – Isolation InvitationalNovember 14, 2021

SMA Virtual Tour – Virtual Awards Banquet – December 12, 2021

Register for these events at https://www.mataction.com/SMA




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Live Via Zoom



SportMartialArts.comteam [at] sportmartialarts.com

Live Via ZoomOnlineThis event is held live via Zoom which means you only need an internet connection and device to stream your performance in order to participate. If you register for the event, links to participate will be made available to you a few days prior to the event so that you can join in the competition.