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FAQ Page2017-11-24T21:08:17-06:00
Can you post my tournament flyer on [social media, website]?2015-01-28T23:30:25-06:00

We offer promoters many avenues for purchasing marketing opportunities for their events through SportMartialArts.com. Event names, dates and locations can be listed for free in our Events area on the website.

Why didn’t you post my [photo, video] from an event?2015-01-28T23:30:50-06:00

We typically have 1-3 people covering events. Many events are very large and have multiple rings. As a result, it is impossible for us to cover everyone and everything. We also make sure that we post the best photos and video that we gather from the event. If a photo is blurry, we won’t post it. If a video is out of focus or incomplete, we won’t post it. Our goal is to grow the sport which means we do focus on assuring that performances posted will be attractive to spectators and companies that are not familiar with the sport. Typically we do not post under belt video but we will post lots of under belt photos. Typically we look for great performances from up-and-coming competitors or top competitors for video posting.

Can you send me an international invitation to [insert event name here]?2015-01-28T23:23:21-06:00

SportMartialArts.com is not an event promoter. We just provide media coverage and marketing for events. Therefore, we can’t send anyone invitations to events. If you need an international invitation, you must contact the EVENT PROMOTER to make that request.

Where do I find more photos2017-11-24T21:08:45-06:00

If you saw a photo you loved on Facebook or somewhere online and you want to purchase it for your personal use, you can get a digital download of any of our awesome shots at www.SportKaratePictures.com.

What are the SMA social media links?2015-01-26T23:26:52-06:00

You can get lots more sport karate info by checking out the SportMartialArts.com social media pages.