Each year SportMartialArts.com offers fans of sport karate a chance to vote for their favorite sport karate competitors, tournament and league. Thousands of votes are counted and the winners in fourteen categories are recognized for their accomplishments throughout the competition year.

The voting for the 2018 Viewers’ Choice Awards was the highest since the contest opened in 2014. For 2018, the honors go to these amazing champions.

Best Youth Forms Competitor of 2018

Mason Stowell

Mason Stowell - 2018 Best Youth Forms Competitor in SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice Awards

Mason Stowell hails from Littleton, Colorado. This 16 year old has done some amazing things in 2018 and he has traveled the world. Not only does he compete in the NASKA circuit for sport karate, this kid has his eye on the Olympics. In 2018, Stowell saw much success on the NASKA circuit by opening the year with a Youth Warrior Cup in Forms at the AKA Warrior Cup in January. He followed with overall titles in traditional and CMX (creative/musical/extreme) forms in two more events during the year as well. Stowell took his traditional talents to the WAKO league to win national titles in both musical forms and weapons and a WAKO world title in musical weapons in 2018. But that was not enough, he made the USA National Team in Olympic-style (WKF) karate and was a Pan American Silver medalist and Karate 1 WKF Youth League Bronze medalist. 2018 is the year he can claim as the first athlete to medal in NASKA, WKF and WAKO in the same year. Stowell trains with his coach Jarrett Leiker and is also an accomplished dancer.

Best Youth Weapons Competitor of 2018

Jake Presley

The Presley family has a strong sport karate heritage with all four of the Presley siblings, Reid, Cole, Jake and Averi, competing at the the highest levels in sport karate. For 2018, Jake Presley was crowned the Best Youth Weapons Competitor in the Viewers’ Choice awards and he certainly deserved it. In 2018, he won his third Warrior Cup at the AKA Warrior Cup and he did it again in 2019 making it a three year streak. He was the overall weapons grand champion title winner for NASKA for 2018 as well. This 15 year old from Nashville, Tennessee is completing the 10th and is already a superstar and actor, with a role in the 2016 hit The Accountant.

Jake Presley - 2018 Best Youth Weapons Competitor of 2018 in SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice Awards

Best Youth Sparring Competitor and Best Overall Competitor of 2018

Elizabeth Rouillard

Elizabeth Rouillard - Best Youth Sparring and Overall Youth Competitor of 2018 in SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice AwardsElizabeth Rouillard

She’s been voted Best Youth Sparring Competitor for 3 out of the past 4 years of voting and now takes her fourth Viewers’ Choice title as the Best Youth Sparring Competitor of 2018. Elizabeth Rouillard is from Quebec City, Canada and for the first year ever, she has added the title of Best Overall Youth Competitor for 2018. This 17 year old manages a busy school schedule as she has already finished high school and is studying for a business degree. At the same time she actively competes around the world. In 2018, she took wins at the Irish Open in individual point sparring and in team sparring. She also won the open weight title for 16-18 girls and first in her weight division at the Bristol Open. Her victories in North America are too numerous to list and she ended the 2018 year with a NASKA World Title in 16-17 girls point sparring and an overall NASKA world title as well. Rouillard trains at Studio Unis NDL with instructors David Bossinotte and Claire Cocozza and also trains with her team coach Sam Gagnon.

Best Women’s Forms Competitor and Best Women’s Weapons Competitor of 2018

Mackensi Emory

Mackensi Emory seems to bring good spirits and winning performances wherever she goes. This Roseville, California superstar didn’t compete a lot in 2018 – only attending six tournaments – but her record from those six is something to envy. She won double grand championships in both weapons and forms at every single one! She also won all seven of her divisions at Compete Nationals, Diamond Nationals and the US Open in 2018 to take seven NASKA triple crown titles. Along with the NASKA titles, she was the ISKA women’s forms and weapons champion for 2018 as well. Emory is currently in college studying business with a straight A grade card. Her dream is to get into the entertainment business with a career in stunts and she certainly looks like she will be a success at that as well.

Mackensi Emory - Best Women's Forms Competitor of 2018 in the SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice Awards

Best Women’s Sparring Competitor of 2018

Morgan Plowden

Morgan Plowden - Best Women's Sparring Competitor of 2018 in the SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice Awards

There is so much sport karate talent in the Plowden family, it’s hard to know where to start. Plowden was trained by her father, sport karate superstar Richard Plowden at his martial arts school in Detroit, Michigan. This 28 year old athlete’s younger brother Richard Avery Plowden has followed in her footsteps and is also a top fighter. Ms. Plowden suffered a severe knee injury in early 2017 and after 14 months of recovery, returned to the ring in 2018. The injury did not set her back at all and she ended the year with overall sparring titles at the US Open, Diamond Nationals and US Capitol Classics. She was also the open weight winner at the Diamond Nationals and was the WKC World Champion in women’s sparring.  She then opened 2019 with an amazing come-from-behind win to earn her fourth Warrior Cup at the AKA Warrior Cup and was voted Best Female Sparring Competitor of 2018 in the Viewers’ Choice Awards. Plowden is an inspiration to female athletes everywhere.

Best Men’s Forms Competitor of 2018

Danny Etkin

When you move from the youth to adult divisions in sport karate, it usually takes some time to adjust and make your mark. Not for competitor Danny Etkin. He came out of the gates like a shot, winning an adult AKA Warrior Cup to open the 2018 competition year and never looking back. He suffered an injury at his second event in 2018 but he trained and came back at the US Capitol Classics to win double grands and the overall title  to show that time off only made him stronger. Etkin hails from Larchmont, New York and is currently studying Business Administration at the University of Southern California. We’re expecting a lot from this 18 year old in 2019 and his fans selected him as the Best Men’s Forms Competitor of 2018.

Danny Etkin - Best Men's Forms Competitor of 2018 in the SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice Awards

Best Men’s Weapons Competitor of 2018

Jackson Rudolph

Jackson Rudolph - Best Men's Weapons Competitor of 2018 in the SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice Awards

The bo is strong with Jackson Rudolph but he’s not just a man with a stick. Although he is originally from Paducah, Kentucky, Rudolph is currently studying Human Biology at Stanford University in California. In between his studies in 2018, this 20 year old (soon to be 21), hit a ton of major tournaments and saw success. He won most grand championship titles in weapons at each event and was also successful in synchronized weapons. He was crowned a NASKA champion and he also was declared the winningest individual in ISKA – US Open history with 8 individual ISKA titles and 4 synchronized weapons titles. His original style is Tae Kwon Do and his instructor is former champion Lauren Kearney. Rudolph looks unstoppable for 2019 and he starts with his title of Best Men’s Weapons Competitor of 2018.

Best Men’s Sparring Competitor of 2018

Richard Plowden

He spent 2018 balancing law school and sport karate competition and managed to stay at the top in both. 25-year-old Richard Plowden was nearly undefeated in point sparring competition in 2018 and was on nearly every big stage throughout the year. He won a Warrior Cup in 2018 at the AKA Warrior Cup and the men’s open weight division. He won open weight and the overall heavy weight grand champion title at the 2018 US Open. He also won the heavyweight grand champion titles at the 2018 Ocean State Grand Nationals and US Capitol Classics and men’s open weight at the Diamond Nationals. Plowden trains with his father, Richard Plowden in Detroit, Michigan. He is the Viewers’ Choice winner for Best Men’s Sparring Competitor of 2018.

Richard Plowden - Best Men's Sparring Competitor of 2018 in the SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice Awards

Best Executive Competitor of 2018

Gerald “Awesome” Dawson

Gerald Dawson - Best Executive Competitor of 2018 in the SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice Awards

Gerald “Awesome” Dawson was always quick with a smile or a joke and never hesitated to tell you what was on his mind. His history in the martial arts is deep and his sport karate career remarkable. Dawson was a native of Maryland and became coach of Team TDE in 2017. Prior he had been on top teams like Team Paul Mitchell and had an illustrious career. As he reached the executive level, he didn’t stop competing and held his own against any competitor who came before him. In 2018, Dawson was still competing as well as coaching. He won executive teams at the 2018 AKA Warrior Cup, he coached team TDE and was a devoted coach to his son, top competitor Kameren Dawson. His students dominated at the 2018 US Capitol Classics. Dawson dedicated himself to getting in shape during 2018 and frequently posted inspirational photos about his progress on social media. He was a great competitor, coach, friend and father. Tragically, Gerald passed on December 11, 2018, leaving an incredible legacy in his wake. He will be dearly missed by the sport karate community. He is posthumously awarded Best Executive Competitor of 2018 in the Viewers’ Choice Awards.

Best Overall Adult Competitor in 2018

Reid Presley

Reid Presley is the first of the Presley clan and he’s been going strong since he was just a child. Now all grown up and 23 years old, he’s the winner of the overall adult competitor title for his sport karate accomplishments in 2018. He opened his 2018 year by winning a Warrior Cup at the 2018 AKA Warrior Cup tournament in men’s weapons in January. He finished 2018  with double overall grand championship titles in weapons and forms at the 2018 Pan American Internationals in November. In between, he was a double overall winner in 2018 at the Dixieland Nationals and Diamond Nationals. His double win at the Diamond Nationals gave him a total of 5 rings in his adult career. Presley has not only accomplished a lot in competition, he also graduated with honors in 2018 with a Business Administration Degree. Presley’s martial arts roots are in Tae Kwon Do and he trains at Success Martial Arts Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Reid Presley - Best Overall Adult Competitor of 2018 in the SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice Awards

Best Sport Karate Circuit/League of 2018

North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA)

NASKA - Best Sport Karate Circuit or League of 2018 in the SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice Awards

The North American Sport Karate Association is one of the largest and longest running sport karate circuits in the world. It is the place where the top competitors in martial arts find top quality competition. NASKA has consistently won the title of Best Circuit in the Viewers’ Choice Awards since inception. NASKA offers a competitive world tour level of events with tournaments throughout North American along with regional events for local competitors.

Best Sport Martial Arts Tournament of 2018

Quebec Open

The Quebec Open is an amazing sport karate tournament held in Quebec City, Canada. The event has been running for 40 years and has grown tremendously over the years. It is truly international in flavor with the French Canadian backdrop and competitors participating from all over the world. Promoters David Bossinotte, Claire Cocozza and Samuel Gagnon strive to offer a family-friendly atmosphere with high caliber competition and organization. The event won the prestigious title of Best Tournament of 2018 in the Viewers’ Choice Awards!

Quebec Open - Best Sport Martial Arts Tournament of 2018 in the SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice Awards

Best Men’s Team Sparring Team of 2018

Team Impex

Team Impex - Best Sparring Team of 2018 in the SportMartialArts.com Viewers' Choice Awards

2018 was a great year for Team Impex – this team has been consistently winning for years. They opened the year with a win by the men’s team at the 2018 AKA Warrior Cup and went on to win at three more key events. At the Battle of Atlanta, one of the top USA fighting events, the men took first in front of an appreciative crowd. Then the men won on the big stage on ESPN at the 2018 US Open. Finally, the men made sure to take a huge win at the 2018 Diamond Nationals in October. The women’s sparring team was also quite accomplished in 2018. The women also won at the US Open, Battle of Atlanta and Diamond Nationals. This team is coached by Richard Plowden and was voted Best Sparring Team for 2018 by the fans.

2018 Best Performance Team

Team Paul Mitchell – Jackson Rudolph/Jake Presley

When Team Paul Mitchell decided to start targeting junior competitors, it was a great move to add Jackson Rudolph to the team. Rudolph has gone on to become one of the top adult weapons competitors in the world. Adding the Presley brothers, including Jake Presley was another great move. Presley is one of the top junior weapons competitors in the world. Combine them and you have an unstoppable duo. 2018 was a great year for the two and they ended the year with the top honor of being selected as the 2018 Best Performance Team of the Year from their fans.

Jackson Rudolph and Jake Presley - 2018 Viewers Choice Awards

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