Top Sport Karate Competitors Named Best of 2018

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Each year offers fans of sport karate a chance to vote for their favorite sport karate competitors, tournament and league. Thousands of votes are counted and the winners in fourteen categories are recognized for their accomplishments throughout the competition year. The voting for the 2018 Viewers' Choice Awards was the highest since the [...]

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2016 Viewer’s Choice Winners

By |2017-11-24T21:08:22-06:00January 10th, 2017|Competition 101, Competitors, Entertainment, Personalities, Tournament Review|

Thousands of votes were cast and the winners of the coveted Viewer's Choice have been selected. Congratulations to all of those who were selected by the fans! Awards for the winners and runner up selection will be awarded during the finals at the 2016 AKA Warrior Cup in Chicago, Illinois coming the weekend of January [...]

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Irish Blood Is Making Big News – Dean Barry

By |2017-11-24T21:08:23-06:00August 4th, 2016|Competitors, Personalities, Road Traveled, Team Update, Tournament Review|

Europe is making a substantial impact on sport karate in the United States, and Irish fighter Dean Barry is part of it. Dean Barry appears a quiet, reserved Irish guy and then you start to talk to him, and you realize he's f'n hilarious. Warning parents, he's from Ireland, so he drops a lot of [...]

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Top Ten Movies/Shows With Sport Karate People

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Sport martial arts is not just part of karate competition. Competitors have become a part of the entertainment industry appearing in movies and shows. Sport martial arts competitors are entertaining to watch in the ring, on the stage and many times on the big screen. Here are some of the best movies and shows [...]

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The Road Traveled: Competitor Jeff Doss

By |2017-11-24T21:08:27-06:00May 8th, 2016|Competitors, Personalities, Road Traveled, Tournament Review|

Sport karate competition has been part of Jeff Doss' life since age 4; read about where it has taken him. Jeff Doss has been competing since age 4 and has won titles in nearly every league out there - NASKA, NBL, WKA, ISKA and PKC to name a few. He's won tricking competitions against some [...]

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