Sport martial arts is not just part of karate competition. Competitors have become a part of the entertainment industry appearing in movies and shows.

Sport martial arts competitors are entertaining to watch in the ring, on the stage and many times on the big screen. Here are some of the best movies and shows of all time that included sport karate competitors in them.

  • Ten. At number ten, we have a tie. First, Magic Mike XXL (2015) a movie about male strippers where former competitor Luke Broadlick plays a male stripper. It doesn’t get better than that!

    Also at this spot is the Teen Wolf TV Series (2011-present) about an awkward teen who is attacked by a werewolf and becomes a werewolf. The series has featured lots of sport karate competitors in stunt roles and small parts. Catch Caitlin Dechelle, Chris Brewster, Craig Henningsen, Arnold Chon, Donald Mills and Nikki Stanley in various scenes.

  • Nine. Our number nine selection never really made it to the big screens but put lots of sport karate competitors in actual acting roles. The movie is Underdog Kids (2015) about inner-city kids who have to compete against an undefeated top karate team. The movie featured current and former sport karate competitors. Dallas Liu as Young Jimmy, Aidan Considine as Alex, Andrew Franklin as Ricky, Tyler Weaver Jr as Cameron, Seth Lee as Jake and other appearances by Cameron Whorton, Steve Cooper, Melinda “Mo” Ota, Dan Inosanto, Benny Urquidez and Don “the Dragon” Wilson. Marc Canonizado and Arnold Chon did stunts in the movie.
  • Eight. One of the coolest movies ever is in number eight. Django Unchained is a story about a freed slave who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal plantation owner. It starred Jamie Foxx Christopher Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio. But did you know that Chris Brewster performed stunts in the movie?

    This is a tie with Furious 7, the car racing movie starring Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker. Caitlin Dechelle performed stunts for the movie.

  • Seven. You might not know it but the Divergent Series included a lot of sport martial arts competitors from the past in stunt roles. Matt Mullins was actually a character called Fighter on Ring and he did stunts. Other stunts performers were Tony Fay, Will Greenburg, Craig Henningsen, Nate Hitpas, Brendon Huor and Jessen Noviello.
  • Six. The protagonist is a blind, crime-fighting lawyer in the Daredevil series and there were a bunch of sport karate people who helped make it a hit. Craig Henningsen played the character Mr. Rance and did stunts. These other folks also did stunts for the show: Donald Mills, David Armstrong, Micah Karns, Chris Brewster, Justin Eaton, Mindy Kelly and Aidan Kennedy.
  • Five. The recent hit movie Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds was pretty epic and it was also an awesome opportunity for sport martial artists who performed stunts for the show. Ross Kohnstam, Mickey Facchinello, Craig Henningsen, Justin Eaton and Larry Lam all got credits for stunt work in this movie.
  • Four. Moving into the final four picks, it was hard to narrow it down. In the fourth position, we have two movies with one superstar. It wasn’t a box office blow out but everyone still talks about The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl starring Taylor Lautner as Sharkboy. Lautner went on to bigger fame with his hit role as Jacob Black, a werewolf, in the Twilight Saga. Lautner was joined behind the scenes by stunt performers Anis Cheurfa stunts, Jon Valera stunts, Chris Brewster stunts and Jacob Kabel for the Twilight movies.
  • Three. All of the reporters indicated one of their favorite movies of all time was Tron (2010) starring Jeff Bridges. This was a breakthrough movie for sport karate competitor Anis Cheurfa and also featured Kim Do Nguyen and Jackson Sidell in stunts.
  • Two. No list is complete without the <strong>Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The 2016 movie starred Will Arnett and Megan Fox but in the stunt category, sport martial arts competitors shined. Four former competitors did stunts for each of the ninja turtles. Micah Karns was Donatello, Matt Emig was Michelangelo, Anis Cheurfa was Leonardo and Daniel Graham was Raphael. Jon Valera was the fight coordinator for the movie.
  • One The all-time number one show for sport martial arts is a classic – The WMAC Masters TV series that ran from 1995-1996. The premise was a council formed to determine the greatest martial artist on earth as determined by the World Martial Arts Council. The cast of the show were the top sport karate competitors of the day.

    The cast included Mike Chat as Wizard, Herb Perez as Olympus, Hakim Alston, Ho Sung Pak as Superstar, Chris Cassamassa as Red Dragon, Michael Bernardo as Turbo, Christine Bannon-Rodrigues as Lady Lightening, Ho Yung Pak, Richard Brandon, Carmichael Simon, Michele Krasnoo, Marco Johnson, Pedro Xavier and many more.

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